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Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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What it is:
Adore is a Semi-Permanent Hair Color that infuses natural-looking, vivid color while giving your hair its healthiest resilient shine, leaving your hair in better condition than before coloring. Your hair will be nurtured with penetrating hair conditioners while vivid color is deposited into your hair for truly intense results.

What it does:
Adore uses an exclusive formula that provides an incredible blend of natural ingredients to infuse rich color, intensifying shine and leaving hair silky and soft. It will also revitalize the body and promote healthy, manageable hair while saturating each hair strand with sensationally radiant colors to your hair.

What else you need to know:
Our luxurious, vividly intense colors will never damage your hair, so color as often as you like without any worries: no Peroxide, no Ammonia, and no Alcohol.

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