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CON Pure Honey Smoothing & Frizz Control Mask

CON Pure Honey Smoothing & Frizz Control Mask

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Cr��me of Nature�� Pure Honey Intense Hydration Treatment Hair Mask is formulated with our signature blend of Pure Honey, Certified Natural Coconut Oil & Shea Butter. Infused with yogurt extract, this ultra-moisturizing formula targets dry, dehydrated strands by providing moisture, shine and smoothness, while leaving your hair soft, manageable and without weighing it down. This hair mask restores moisture from root to tip; Cr��me of Nature conditions and smoothes dry, dehydrated hair; detangles, softens and enhances shine. NO Sulfates*, NO Mineral Oil*, No Silicone*, No Drying Alcohol** *Formulated without adding. **Formulated without adding ethanol.

Honey Banana

  • Improve Hair Strength
  • Moisturizes & Help Against Breakage
  • Detangles, Softens & Enhances Shine

Honey Avocado

  • Improves Smoothness & Manageability
  • Restores moisture & Reduces Frizz
  • Detangles, Softens & Enhances Shine

Honey Yogurt

  • Conditions & Smoothens Dry, Dehydrated Hair
  • Restores Moisture from Root to Tip
  • Detangles, Softens & Enhances Shine
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